Traffic Enforcement

Speed Enforcement / SVD

AABMATICA’s enforcement solutions automatically detect vehicles violating speed limits, as well as other AI-based violations, giving enforcement agencies the opportunity, freedom and flexibility to enforce speed limits in all types of environments and situations.

Thoroughly tested in accordance with OIML regulations in international labs and certified by various state agencies, our instant speed solutions can be deployed as Fixed, Mobile as well as Portable systems, to capture violations at any accident-prone area.

Our exclusive average speed system can monitor speed over a given length thus ensuring that the drivers cannot game the system by slowing down near speed detectors.

The ‘Aab’vantage

  • Test reports in accordance with OIML / METAS with maximum error rate of +/- 3%.
  • Approved / Certified in various countries across globe
  • Can detect speed upto 320 Km/hr.
  • 3D UHD /4D HD Forward Firing multilane radar with refresh time of 50 ms.
  • Tracking capability of more than 100 vehicles.
  • High resolution images (2 MP to 20 MP) depending on the number of lanes & site requirement.
  • Customized reports & 24X 7 day & night operations.
  • All data is properly encrypted.
  • High detection rate, classification & ANPR accuracy.
  • Suitable for extreme weather conditions.
  • Option of Control Image.
  • User-friendly interface & flexibility to customize speed limits for different vehicle classes.
  • Option of additional AI based enforcement viz. no helmet and other traffic violations.
  • State-of-the-art modular structure can be installed in single cabinet or as individual components in gantry / cantilever.
  • Complete in-house back-end violation management & seamless integration with ITMS/HTMS console.
  • Automatic fine generation and integration with SMS / email and payment gateways.
  • Multiple options for Illuminators (pulse, continuous, visible, non-visible).
Traffic Radar

Permanent Locations

For locations in cities, arterial roads, highways that are known to be high-risk or accident prone, fixed installations of speed enforcement systems help enforce strict traffic norms. Cameras & radar units can be setup in single cabinet box alongside the road, or installed over gantries or cantilever poles, as required by the road conditions or country-specific regulations, for effective round-the-clock speed monitoring of all transiting vehicles through these locations.

If required, the system, can also record transits for AI based applications to ensure road safety.

When installed on highways it can also be integrated with speed display panels. The system is also capable of providing data points like classification, counting and other information for traffic management.

Sensor mounted on tripod

Portable System (Tripod-Mount)

AABMATICA’s solutions provide unmanned flexible, and easy-to-operate portable speed enforcement systems, which can be mounted on a tripod or fixed in a vehicle. These systems can be configured easily and deployed at temporary locations, or at locations where fixed installations cannot be deployed.

The system can issue fines on-the-spot, as well as communicate with the back office, using simple onboard 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity. It can be easily operated using a tablet, or through the back office and only requires a patrol car to stop on side of road for generating fine from tripod or from vehicle.

Mobile System (Moving Vehicle)

The mobile speed enforcement system enables police personnel to detect and enforce speed violations on the move. The Automotive Advance 4D forward firing sensors detect and provide the exact location of the speeding vehicle along with visual proof. The system can be installed without altering the appearance of the vehicle and can easily be operated using a tablet, connected with Wi-Fi. All citations are transferred to the back office using onboard connectivity. The system can also be configured for ANPR, CCTV and other Safe / Smart City and HTMS applications.

Section / Average Speed (P2P)

AABMATICA’s section speed system automatically detects vehicles that exceed the average speed allowed on a given section of road defined by different gates (entry/exit). These systems can be installed on existing gantries, cantilevers, walkovers or any other street furniture.

The system is based on plate matching technology which provides extremely high coupling rate and high accuracy as compared to standard ANPR based-section speed systems, thus ensuring that the drivers cannot game the system by slowing down near speed detectors.

The system is integrated with a central P2P server and back office; and can process violations and generate tickets within minutes.

Automated Number Plate Recognition / ANPR

AABMATICA’s Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Solutions are the world’s most reliable, accurate and cost effective solutions supporting number plates of various countries. The system is fully digital, web-based with distributed architecture, detects number plates with high accuracy and is capable of recording number plates of vehicles with speeds more than 300 Km/hr.

The libraries are tuned to various traffic challenges and can be used in challenging traffic conditions with standard and nonstandard plates.

AABMATICA also provides a centralized traffic suite for various safe city and smart city solutions.

The cameras come with customized IR (pulse, continuous, visible/nonvisible); and with Rolling or Global shutters with different images sensors based on application and use case. Different configurations of cameras can be provided with different hardware (storage, communication, onboard storage, choice of lens, image sensor etc) to best suit the client and project requirement.

Our ANPR system is already integrated with various third-party VMS/Safe city & Smart city platforms.

Applications of AABMATICA’s ANPR system include:

  • Parking & Access Management Toll Enforcement
  • Freeway Applications
  • Law & Order (suspect tracking)
  • Traffic violation systems
  • Track vehicle mobility to optimize traffic

Intersection Enforcement

Red Light Violation System

AABMATICA offers highly advanced, efficient and extremely reliable red-light violation systems to monitor Red Light, Stop Line & Speed enforcement.

The synchronised video from Context & ANPR cameras provides fool-proof evidence and can detect any movement within a forbidden area of the junction.

The detection can be done by video or radar without any connection to controller.

Intersection Management

In many cases, roadside traffic detectors installed for RLVD, can also be used for smart intersection management, as these sensors can also provide classification, count, queue detection, ETA, average speed & traffic volume to the traffic light controller, to help them manage traffic lights better.

In case systems are installed city-wide or in different locations, or if they are linked to other traffic detectors in the city, it can provide real-time traffic data inputs to manage traffic flow efficiently.

Image & Video Analytics form a part of various proactive traffic and surveillance applications. Continuous work and progress on the same can help Safe / Smart cities in implementing intelligence for various challenging applications.

No Parking & Free Left / Right

Navigating smoothly through challenging city junctions depends on vehicles following their lanes and directions. In such situations, street-side parking or vehicles blocking free left/right lanes can cause frequent traffic snarls. AABMATICA’s systems help enforce these rules with ease, thus discouraging parking, and enabling smooth passage of traffic.

Video / Image (AI) Based Solutions

Combining automation, artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, AABMATICA’s video solutions can be deployed for a wide variety of applications including security, surveillance and traffic enforcement. The system can be configured to detect specific violations such as:

  • Motorcyclists riding without helmet.
  • Triple riding on a motorcycle.
  • Vehicles moving in the wrong direction.

Violation Processing and Management

AABMATICA provides a unified platform to streamline the complex tasks of processing incidents, and dispatching tickets for all enforcement systems.

The digital system helps traffic enforcement by automatically detecting and capturing violations, identifying licence plates of violators and generating tickets using data gathered from high-definition cameras, radars, and processing units.

The system’s web-based interface enables enforcement officials to verify, generate tickets, email the ticket to violators and monitor payment of fines.

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