Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

AABMATICA’s expertise in traffic technology lends itself naturally to other sensor and video-based AI applications for smart cities. With our solutions, cities can effectively communicate with citizens through variable message boards; ensure safety by controlling access to specific areas; and monitor city-health indicators including environment and solid waste.

Traffic Enforcement

AABMATICA’s traffic enforcement system is an end-to-end solution that automatically detects traffic violations, identifies the license plate number, creates a notice of violation, mails the details of the violation and fine to the owner of the vehicle and provides a way for violators to pay the fine online.

Intelligent Traffic Management / ITMS

AABMATICA’s digital systems can identify the density and type of vehicles on various routes, which gives a detailed overview of the frequently chaotic areas. The system provides predictive trends for short as well as long term planning to streamline traffic movement for cities as well as highways.

Automated Number Plate Recognition / ANPR

AABMATICA’s automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system enables individual vehicles to be identified quickly and reliably without intervening in the traffic flow. The system can help in identifying suspicious vehicles, and used wherever access is restricted to particular classes or types of vehicles.

Integrated Command and Control Centre / ICCC

The ICCC provides one interface for all applications, easing smart city administration. By analysing data points from multiple applications, the command centre provides city-wide intelligence to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Environment / Pollution Monitoring

Pollution monitoring sensors detect a wide range of pollutants in the air and transmit this data to authorities. The accompanying analytics helps assess the impact of civic decisions on the the air quality.

Solid Waste Management

By identifying and automatically notifying authorities about the level of waste in bins, AABMATICA’s intelligent sensors can ensure timely clearing of the waste bins, as well as streamline logistics for fuel savings.

Parking Management

Smart sensors help identifying available parking areas and providing directions to the nearest vacant spots.

The smart city parking solution can identify parking density patterns in specific locations, which in turn can aid authorities in the development of organized parking spaces.

Video / Image (AI) Based Solutions

Combining automation, artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, AABMATICA’s video solutions can be deployed for a wide variety of applications including security, surveillance and traffic enforcement. The system can be configured to detect specific violations such as:

  • Motorcyclists riding without helmet.
  • Triple riding on a motorcycle.
  • Vehicles moving in the wrong direction.

Adaptive Traffic Control System / ATCS

Adaptive traffic control provides independent control of intersections as well as their line and area coordination. Traffic light controllers communicate and exchange information with the surrounding infrastructure, helping minimise delay of all vehicles at intersections.

The system gives preference to public transport and absolute preference to emergency vehicles, thus enabling traffic efficiency and security.

Intelligent Street Lighting

AABMATICA’s smart street lights ensure adequate street lighting in the city. The accompanying software enables authorities to remotely control individual lights and their intensity, set pre-define schedules and diagnose faults in real-time.

Vehicle Tracking Solution

With AABMATICA’s vehicle tracing solution, it is now easier than ever to monitor the exact location of vehicles, identify if they are out of bounds or have stopped / deviated from their intended route.

Variable Message Boards

Variable message boards help authorities disseminate timely and useful information such as traffic trends, time to travel and air quality. AABMATICA’s variable message boards can be easily customized and updated with multi-color text and images.

Incident Detection

Traffic detectors and sensors automatically detect incidents such as sudden stopping of vehicles. Concerned authorities can then assign surveillance teams only to areas where such incidents are reported, thus increasing efficiency and effectiveness of civic agencies. Combined with custom rules, the system doubles as a traffic violation detection tool.

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