Smart Traffic Sensors

Smart Sensors and Detectors

Optimal traffic management and control within cities and highways depend on reliable data. AABMATICA’s traffic detectors can provide accurate information for classifications, counting, traffic volume, ETA, queue detection, average speed, headway, gap etc. The detectors can be integrated into single platform for all applications.

Radar Technology

AABMATICA’s 3D/4D forward firing sensors are incredibly useful for making adaptive systems better, speed enforcement systems more precise and acceptable. The sensors can:

  • Perform in all weather conditions (fog, rain, night, duststorm) and does not require any cleaning.
  • Provide classification, volume, speed of multiple vehicles with high precision.
  • Track vehicles for upto 350 meters.
  • Simultaneously track more than 150 vehicles.
  • Be used for various traffic management projects.

Laser Scanner

AABMATICA’s laser sensor has inbuilt artificial intelligence and algorithms to help develop profile of the vehicles, allowing precise classification of vehicle transits. The firmware implements filters for rain and snow. The scanner optic is made of two physically distinct areas for laser transmission and reception, making it particularly immune to the opacity produced by dust, water and pollution. The sensor can:

  • Distinguish between more than 12 classes (including heavy car and bus).
  • Work outdoors even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Be used in Smart City, Tolling & ITMS projects.

Other Sensors

  • LORA based sensors for Parking, Smart Lighting, Solid Waste & Smart Metering solutions.
  • Environment & Weather sensors for smart cities & highways.
  • People Counter & Thermal sensors for entry exit.


Traffic planning and information management

Traffic remodeling and road redesign

ZTL / traffic limited zones and route planning

Disseminating information to commuters via VMS

Automatic traffic counter and classifiers

Traffic forecasting and futuristic planning

Speed Enforcement

Vehicle detection for adaptive system

Ramp Metering

Entry-exit management

Incident detection

Tolling applications

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