Traffic Safety and Management System

Traffic Safety and Management System

A high-performance, dynamic and scalable system, with integration support for multiple devices from different suppliers, thus providing a single interface to city authorities.

AABMATICA provides a unified platform to streamline the complex tasks of processing incidents, and dispatching tickets for all enforcement systems.

The digital system helps traffic enforcement by automatically detecting and capturing violations, identifying licence plates of violators and generating tickets using data gathered from high-definition cameras, radars, and processing units.

The system’s web-based interface enables enforcement officials to verify, generate tickets, email the ticket to violators and monitor payment of fines.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

Automatic violation detection

Automatic number plate recognition

Summary of unpaid tickets

Historical data of violations

Pop-up alarms of frequent violators

Fully digital, zero paperwork

Tickets with photographic proof of violation, location and time stamp

Fair and effective system reducing discretionary power of humans

Automated system catches all violations, reducing burden on traffic personnel

Automated enforcement of traffic rules helps in enhancing road safety

Data encryption for secure data transfer & storage

Single, easy-to-use software for all back office operations

Case Study

Traffic Enforcement System on Ring Road,
New Delhi, India

The Ring Road in New Delhi is notorious for traffic snarls and congestion and poor traffic adherence. With a view to improve traffic compliance, Delhi Police and Maruti Suzuki Foundation launched the Red Light Violation Detection System and Speed Violation Detection system along the arterial road’s most severe stretch.

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