Automated Number Plate Recognition

Automated Number Plate Recognition

AABMATICA’s ANPR software is used extensively in fixed installations & mobile deployments, as part of ITMS, HTMS, Safe & Smart city, Tolling and Traffic Enforcement solutions, providing a tool for effective traffic control on roads.

AABMATICA’s Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Solutions are the world’s most reliable, accurate and cost effective solutions supporting number plates of various countries. The system is fully digital, web-based with distributed architecture, detects number plates with high accuracy and is capable of recording number plates of vehicles with speeds more than 300 Km/hr.

The libraries are tuned to various traffic challenges and can be used in challenging traffic conditions with standard and nonstandard plates.

AABMATICA also provides a centralized traffic suite for various safe city and smart city solutions.

The cameras come with customized IR (pulse, continuous, visible/nonvisible); and with Rolling or Global shutters with different images sensors based on application and use case. Different configurations of cameras can be provided with different hardware (storage, communication, onboard storage, choice of lens, image sensor etc) to best suit the client and project requirement.

Our ANPR system is already integrated with various third-party VMS/Safe city & Smart city platforms.

Applications of AABMATICA’s ANPR system include:

  • Parking & Access Management Toll Enforcement
  • Freeway Applications
  • Law & Order (suspect tracking)
  • Traffic violation systems
  • Track vehicle mobility to optimize traffic

Onboard ANPR

On board Automatic Number Plate Recognition & Surveillance System provides special tool to Police patrol vehicles to record any event at any destination with possibility to read vehicle number plates of moving or stopped vehicles.

The ‘Aab’vantage

  • High resolution images (2 MP to 10MP) with proof of infraction in the form of images & video.
  • Monitors Red Light, Stop Line, Speed, No Helmet and Traffic Trajectory violations.
  • Very flexible & modular system architecture to adapt to various junction challenges.
  • Single camera for both ANPR and context image & video-surveillance. No need for additional camera for context images.
  • Approved / Certified in several countries for Red Light & Speed Violations.
  • Completely non-invasive technology.
  • Complete inhouse back-end violation management & easy integration to third party systems.
  • Works with both posterior and front side number plates.
  • Works with both colour and grayscale pictures.
  • Options of only-video or 3D UHD/4D HD Radar integrated to video technology.
  • Continuously acquires images and automatically detects licence plate numbers.
  • High detection rate, classification & ANPR accuracy.
  • Intuitive user interface to choose the preset position for recognizing plates on the touch screen.
  • Sends GPS coordinates periodically to the central system (for car tracking).
  • Compares plates in real time with multiple suspected lists stored in the vehicle. In case the plate belongs to a suspected vehicles list it does the following actions:
    • memorizes images with the geographical position
    • transmits images to a control room

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