ANPR Solutions
Our ANPR Solutions are the world’s most reliable, accurate and cost effective solutions supporting number plates of various countries.
Speed Enforcement Systems
Average Speed system is an exclusive digital system which ensures that maximum speed limits are respected; the average speed of a vehicle.
Toll Plaza & Parking
Various solutions for parking and access management solutions are available based on ALPR and RFID technologies.
Home Land Security
AABMATICA provides state of art technologies in CCTV in collaboration with world leaders.
AABMATICA has little competition, if any, when it comes to dedication, pre-sales and post sales support activities. We partner with world renowned partners and bring along a decade of experience in traffic technology to meet customized needs using most advance technologies. Over the past years company has developed a core team of engineers with expertise in system integration, contracting services, system design and capability to provide excellent project support.

“Aabmatica Technologies Private Limited” has in collaboration with world renowned partners introduced leading edge technologies in India in various fields like CCTV surveillance solutions, Traffic Management solutions, Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems, RLVD systems, Toll management and Parking solutions and UVSS. Our expertise lies in the ability of our experienced design teams to work jointly with our partners and in collaboration customise and fine tune their core solutions to adapt to Indian conditions. This versatility of these products helped Aabmatica become the leaders in this Industry in India. Our solutions have been acclaimed, accepted, used and reused by a variety of users and we have maintained our position as a top ranked traffic solutions provider year on year . Buoyed by the experience gained by our design team and the confidence of our Sales team Aabmatica launched our indigenously developed solutions in the field of ANPR, RLVD and other Traffic Management areas. Our in house developed solutions have been built around the experience gained by our team in adapting world class technology to Indian conditions and have embedded some features well suited to the Indian environment.